"From an interactive slime installation to a coronation full of crowns of the utmost imagination, TAKEOUT focuses on activating spaces and minds in entirely unexpected ways."
"Addressing the tendency towards self-doubt among creatives, the duo is holding a modern-day coronation to create self-confidence among fellow artists"
"A project far off the swiping screens of our phones and right into the middle of what makes us truly human: interaction."
" アートを通して自然なコミュニケーションを促進する試み "
"People order take-out food all the time. Why shouldn't brands and agencies order art and other services the same way?"
América Tevé
"The Coronation me hizo entender que la vida te da una base, pero lo demás lo pones tu."
"As a result, visitors of Basel Braille were tricked into interacting with a blind person for the first time in their lives."
"Inspired by the YouTube slime sensation, this show is a multi-sensory experience to counteract the deprivation of people's tactile senses."